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Convert your excess commissions into diversified, tax-efficient, passive income streams and create wealth with high yield multifamily ventures nationwide

You Have a Tax Problem, We Have Your Solution.

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Our unique wealth creation strategy allows qualified REALTORS®, brokers, and investors convert their excess commissions into long term passive income that grows over time.

How? Simple. We use special purpose vehicles to raise, pool, and diversify capital investments from qualified investors across a portfolio of vetted multifamily real estate assets in emerging markets nationwide.

Through aligned performance, a minimal fee structure, and a conservative underwriting approach backed up by years of industry experience, qualified REALTORS®, brokers, and investors are able to achieve double digit returns, mitigate risk, and take advantage of the massive tax benefits of multifamily real estate.

Our Investment Approach.

Our unique fund model promotes broad diversification across a suite of vetted multifamily real estate projects leaving our investors with predictable, stable, and insulated returns.

Blind Pool Fundraising

Our unique capital model allows us to raise and pool funds together prior to committing to any particular deal. This multi-asset strategy greatly increases the value of our position when negotiating ownership in qualified commercial real estate ventures.

Client First Approach

By choosing to work with trusted syndicators and multifamily operators, we eliminate the stress of asset management. This way, our focus is on our clients’ financial needs, desires, and objectives rather than the day-to-day operations of each individual asset.

Aligned Performance

Utilizing straight forward fund structures with simple return-based performance hurdles ensures that our clients’ interests are aligned with our firm’s vision for each venture. Simply put, we only win when you win!

Direct Access

By partnering with the nation's top syndicators and asset managers in various emerging markets, we are able to provide our clients backstage access to some of the most sought after off market commercial real estate opportunities typically reserved for financial institutions.

Invest with Impact

From socially conscious urban housing development to environmentally friendly energy efficient upgrades to tackling veteran homelessness - at Nimbus Capital we provide more than just solid returns.

Our Impact

Investment Highlights.

Our simple fee-free fund structure puts you in the driver's seat

5-7 Year
Holding Period
Internal Rate of Return*
Recurring Fees

Vetted By Our Team.

All of the opportunities presented to our investors are vetted by our team of professional commercial real estate underwriters.

Simply put, we only win when you win. Rest assured that all of our deals have passed a gauntlet of comprehensive financial modeling and stress test analysis and have been accepted by our Investment Committee.

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How It Works.

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Quarterly Returns

Underwritten returns are included in fund subscription documents

We are mission oriented.

As Air Force Airmen, we know the importance of accomplishing the mission – on time and on target, every time. At Nimbus, our mission is to provide affluent Millennials with the resources, mentorship, and investment opportunities necessary to create and build wealth in real estate. Simply put, Wealth Creation for the Millennial Generation!

We’re able to maximize an asset’s cash flow.

The valuation of commercial real estate typically depends on two factors – its cash flow and the market capitalization rate.

Through interior and exterior upgrades, streamlined operations, and optimized property management, we’re able to maximize an asset’s cash flow while drastically reducing its operating expenses!

We provide one-on-one real estate investor coaching.

Unlike most wealth management firms, our dedication to our investors doesn’t stop when the checks are signed.

We want to teach Millennials how to build their own real estate empires through one-on-one real estate investor coaching. Whether you invest with us or not, we want to help you realize your financial dreams!

We are here to help you grow faster.

At Nimbus, we do more than just hit our investment targets.

We buy aging B/C class apartment buildings and convert them into thriving communities for deserving tenants and their families.Our community-first approach fuels our abundance mindset. It’s The Nimbus Way and it’s the only way we do business.

Benefits of Commercial Real Estate.

There's a reason why owning commercial real estate is one of the fastest and most consistent ways to build and nurture wealth in America - well, actually there are four reasons:

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Experience You Can Trust.

Our curated team of asset managers own and operate an impressive $1.7B of multifamily real estate in 18 distinct emerging markets nationwide.


Combined Assets Under Management


Owned & Operated Units

23 Years

Average Partner Experience


Distinct Markets Nationwide

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Meet Team Nimbus.

A proven team of Millennial experts by your side

Kevin Brenner

A University of Miami graduate with a Bachelors in Atmospheric Science and top Pentagon Air Force meteorologist, Kevin is not your typical Wall Street fund manager. Rather than pursue an expensive finance degree, Kevin spent years meticulously educating himself in every facet of multifamily real estate from syndications to underwriting to fund management. Apart from serving his country, Kevin is a well recognized investor, coach, mentor, and host of the top-rated Active Duty Passive Income Podcast. With over 250,000+ downloads worldwide, Kevin has interviewed and networked with some of the most successful real estate investors in the world. A passionate educator, Kevin is ADPI's Director of Single Family Education where he coaches over 150 military real estate investors how to succeed in real estate.

David Webb

Raised in poverty outside of Saint Louis, MO, David has risen from humble beginnings and conquered nearly every one of life's challenges presented to him. Aside from being an Active Duty Air Force Staff Sergeant, David is the co-founder and Director of Operations of Nimbus Capital, a prolific real estate investor, entrepreneur, social media expert, mentor, and educator to hundreds of Millennials worldwide. At only 24 years old, David owns and operates an impressive 15-unit investment portfolio, a tax abatement business, and leads multiple Millennial real estate masterminds in both the United States and Europe. David's collective military and real estate experience prime him to lead, develop, and optimize business systems while managing the firms' various assets to ensure fund viability and investor success.

Bobby Schiavone

Bobby is a co-founder, Managing Partner and the Director of Acquisitions for Nimbus Capital where he focuses on multifamily acquisitions, underwriting, and strategic partnership development. A Kentucky native, Bobby has years of experience in commercial real estate where he serves as an acquisitions advisor for private equity groups, lead broker of multifamily sales, and directs his brokerage's commercial real estate division. Bobby assists his clients in sourcing, evaluating, and acquisitions and dispositions in all multifamily class assets ranging from $1M - $120M. Bobby's extensive background in multifamily sales and large network of qualified operators and asset managers nationwide helps Nimbus Capital pair their funds' investors with quality offmarket opportunities.

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